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why choose us?

not a sales pitch, just all the info you need to make a well-informed decision.

We're digitally advanced:

  • We have a dedicated (free) members portal for bookings, resources & more.

  • We use state-of-the-art psychometric testing you can easily access & complete online to track symptoms and progress. This also allows us to compare your data with percentiles to understand your experience better.

  • We offer all treatments and interventions online, including EMDR. 

We're well rounded:

We're transparent:

  • We're focused on information sharing, not withholding. 

  • Our terms & conditions are here, not in hiding. 

  • We're clear on who we work with and how we work best with you. 

  • We tell you what we're great at, & be honest when we're not the best fit for what you need/want.

  • Our FAQs are regularly updated based on actual questions we're frequently asked.

  • If we're wrong about anything, or make a mistake - we'll tell you. 

We're different:

  • We're extremely skilled & highly educated

  • Our egos aren't attached to being extremely skilled & highly educated.

  • We want to expand access to great resources, not guard it, thats why we blog, pod' and film. 

  • We work with you, which means it's a relationship, not a power struggle.

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