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Li Laurent

"lee LOHR-awnt"


I'm Li Laurent, and in terms of what you want to know, it's fairly variable after education, values, approach & pricing (never be too shy to talk about money!). As we know, working on your self  is largely about finding the right person to work with you, & there's nothing worse than finding out who that person is half way through a session you've paid to be in - especially if they're not ticking all the boxes you needed ticking. So as much as we can, we're here to provide the ins and outs of who we are, so you can make an informed decision about how you move forward. 

A Bit of Background

I'm a therapist, researcher and specialist vocal coach working internationally in my private practice. Prior to this, I worked in public and private practices both online and in person, and mobilised the first mental health social work sector for veterans with complex trauma in the UK. I'm a little unusual as a therapist in that I quite obviously lead a life outside the psychological arena as an academic researcher, singer songwriter and public figure straddling both those fields. However, I do like to make sure you're aware of that so you can make an informed choice about the type of therapist you need - and how much they "exist" outside of the therapy room. 

Education & Trainin

  • BSc Psychology First Class Honours | Deans Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement 

  • Masters Mental Health Social Work Distinction

      Specialising in systemic practice with military veterans & their families. 

  • Estill Method: Specialist Vocal Training

  • Current: Doctoral Student of Psychology & Psychotherapy

Professional Registrations

  • Social Work England

  • AASW

  • British Psychological Society


I've trained in prestigious programs across Australia, England & America to gain professional qualifications from some brilliant professionals in the field to date. I work with 18+, couples, & have extensive experience with military veterans, having mobilised the first social work sector for veterans with complex trauma in the UK.


Specialist Focus

What: Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Self Worth / Esteem, Confidence, Self Acceptance, Authenticity 

Who: Adults 18+, Couples, Military Veterans

Interventions & Modalities 

My approach is naturally a bit more informal as I predominantly research authenticity and with that, use a combination of person centred, relational styles paired with solution focussed, evidence based methods. So depending on what you're wanting to bring to therapy, work through, understand, change or challenge - means we can be adaptive as we go. I like to think of it as being flexible enough to have some leg room, and structured enough to have a head rest (if airplane metaphors are your thing!). 

Things I think are particularly effective are: CBT, DBT, EMDR, CPT, NLP, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience / Neurobiology, bibliotherapy, & self help in all the ways it's possible to access it. But mostly, just make sure your therapist feels right for you, and you'll be off to a solid start!

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